Nisa Yıldırım

Nisa Yıldırım was born in 1983, graduated from Tekirdağ Anatolian High School, then had B.S. degree in Computer Science and M.A. degree in New Media from Kadir Has University. She began her professional career as a CGI artist in post-production, continued as a producer in television and executive editor in leading Turkish cinema websites.

She had Ph.D. degree in Cinema and Media Research from Bahçeşehir University, with her thesis on ‘post-television era in Turkey’. During her education, she began to write screenplays. Her first feature project named Istasyonlar (Stations) had been one of the finalists of Antalya Film Forum (Co-production Market of International Antalya Film Festival) in 2017. Next year she won the award of DenizBank First Screenplay Competition with Istasyonlar. She also made her first short film Misafirperverler (The Hospitables) in 2018. Her first novel Epidemik Eros was published in 2020. With the screenplay adaptation of her novel, she was nominated for Adapted Screenplay Competition in 59. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in 2022.

Currently, she works as an assistant professor at Istanbul Gelişim University and is the head of Radio Television and Cinema Department. Yıldırım continues to write research articles – mostly based on ‘the evolution of fictional narratives in the digital era’, besides novels and screenplays.